NCPMC Annual Business Meeting

  • November 04, 2021
  • 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EDT)
  • Virtual


Registration is closed


Times Eastern Daylight Time


11:00 AM Welcome and Introductions

Welcome & Overview of Schedule – Stephanie Duncan, Consortium Chair  

Introduction of Executive Council

Why does the National CPM Consortium Exist? A brief history – Hector Zelaya - Immediate Past-chair  

General affiliation- what is my program status? Marci Campbell, Secretary

How is the consortium structured and governed?  Stephanie Duncan, Chair

How is the Consortium funded?  Randy Harrison, Treasurer

What do the Officers do? Officers Present

Organizational Chart- a review of structure: Hector Zelaya 

What is expected of me as a National CPM Consortium Board Member? Stephanie Duncan

  • 11:30 AM        Annual Business Meeting
    • Call to Order – Stephanie Duncan, Chair   

Roll Call- Marci Campbell, Secretary

Recognition of Proxies

Report on Quorum

Rules of Order – Stephanie Duncan, Chair

Adopt Rules of Order

Review rules for voting, being recognized by chair, etc.

Administrative Reports & Action Items  

Consent Agenda – Stephanie Duncan, Chair.      

Items on Consent Agenda may be approved in one motion by the voting members of the Board of Directors unless an item is removed for discussion at the request of a board member.

  • 2021 Continuing Accreditation requests




South Carolina



New Mexico - Request for Extension to 2023

  • Board Vote - NY CPM - Stephanie Duncan, Chair.

  Administrator’s Report

  Financial Reports

FY 2020-2021 Year End for review and approval

First Quarter FY 2021-2022 for review and acceptance 

Financial Audit Committee Report

  Approval of Banking Resolution  

Announcement of Election Results for 2021-2022 Board of Directors Hector Zelaya, Nominating Committee Chair

Recognition of Nominating Committee

Introduction of 2021/2022 Executive Council

  Board Vote – Revised SOP’s– Stephanie Duncan, Chair

Accreditation Reports – Marci Campbell, Consortium Secretary
Accreditation Reports and highlights of program best practice will be presented for:

Colorado – Rob Ziol, OH, Chair

Florida – Trent Clagg, TN, Chair

Minnesota (Initial) – Ann Cotten, MD, Chair

Nevada – Jana Huffaker, ID, Chair

New Jersey – Dennis Martino, NH, Chair

Passing of the Gavel

Special Acknowledgements


Board Executive Session - Administrator’s Evaluation – Stephanie Duncan

Regroup and Final Remarks

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